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Name: TBD
Race: Witch
Age: Around 20 years old
Height: 160 cm
Skin: Porcelain
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Thick, red, with many layers/tufts.
Build/Appearance: Hourglass-shaped.
Special Faculties: Mole under her right eye. Round nose, thin lips.
Clothing and Accessories: She always wears her diamond-shaped silver earrings with blue jewels. She typically also wears her very distinct purple witch hat with the eye. Dresses are usually shades of purple and often with a petal design at the hem of the skirt, but can have different designs.

Personality: Cheerful, positive, animated. A bit loud, and can act a bit rash. However, she would not be considered a "fiery redhead". She is very considerate of others and want to help people.

Background: She lives happily by herself in her hut, deep in a magical forest, until one night a thief sneaks past her wards (thanks to a clueless fairy) and steals an item she is guarding. She has to give chase to retrieve the artifact. The fairy comes along to help her.

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Witch Species

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